Avoid contact with eyes and open wounds, but yes, each of the three products can be used from head to toe. All of the products are nutrition, rather than chemical, based.

Each product is concentrated, so use in small amounts to avoid wasting product. But use it often. Best results come from frequent use, in small amounts. Your skin should not feel greasy. If it does, you have used too much (just rub into other areas and it will quickly absorb).


Always put the products onto clean skin, before applying makeup, body lotions and the like. Let Naturulz products absorb before adding the chemical emulsifiers and binding agents found in commercial body care products.


Yes, taking a bath with a liberal amount of Ultimate Healing Cream added to the warm water is a guilty pleasure. The products are oil-based so they won't mix with the water, but will be attracted to your oil-based skin. A bath is a wonderful way to spread the product out in small amounts over your whole body while reaching hard to get to areas. Just make sure to clean the bathtub afterwards and be extra careful getting in and out as the oil may make the tub slippery.


No. They're designed to be effective via topical, not internal, use.


You may notice certain results immediately, but of course, it depends on the issue. Go out and weed the garden and put some Total Body Wellness on afterwards and you might be surprised how good you feel despite all of the strenuous work. But, one simple rule of thumb is that the longer you've been plagued with an issue, the longer it will take for your body to fully recover once you start giving it the nutrition it needs. Naturally, we can make no claims that our products will treat, cure or prevent any disease. Just give them a try and apply regularly and often.

All Naturulz products are safe for all ages.


They're designed to be topically absorbed, so we use no chemical binding or emulsifying agents that would interfere with this process.

There's no need. The products' effectiveness is not changed by the naturally occuring liquifying/solidifying process.