The primary purpose of Ultimate Healing Cream and Total Foot Repair is to supply nutrition to deficient areas. The other issue in a healthy system is waste disposal and Total Body Wellness is designed for this purpose, to clean and clear spent nutritive components that might otherwise build up and create issues. In an area where you generally experience wellness, Total Body Wellness is designed to keep things that way. Go out and weed the garden and put some Total Body Wellness on afterwards and you might be surprised how good you feel despite all of the strenuous work.


Physical exertion burns calories and, once used, that spent fuel can turn into an excess of acids and other components that can be difficult for the body to eliminate. Total Body Wellness is designed to help with this process similarly to how a green salad better helps you digest a steak. While we recommend Ultimate Healing Cream for chronic pain issues, Total Body Wellness is a product that you should choose to use every day. particularly after exertion, so that you can maintain great health and well being.,

We do (and we love it). We recommend trying both Total Body Wellness and Total Foot Repair (don't let the name scare you off) and see which one you prefer. Always put the products onto clean skin and make sure to allow time for the product to absorb. Wipe off excess or spread onto other areas prior to the application of makeup or other face and body products.

Yes. Total Body Wellness (along with Ultimate Healing Cream and to a lesser degree Total Foot Repair) is a concentrated, nutrition rich product that can, particularly when first using, seem greasy or oily. The answer is to use less product. Your skin should not feel greasy and, if it does, you have used too much. Rub the excess into other areas and it will absorb quickly and you can receive all the benefits the products provide.

All of our products are nutrition based and generally recognized as safe with no known side-effects. An oily feeling from excess application (as described in the previous question) may be experienced, but it's hard to qualify that as a side-effect when compared to the laundry list of potentially dangerous and life threatening issues of typical of pharmaceutical counterparts.