Yes, you can use Total Foot Repair from head to toe, just avoid the eyes and open wounds. We recommend Total Foot Repair for all calloused and cracked skin issues.


Total Foot Repair is the product we recommend for circulation issues like those associated with diabetes, but the Food and Drug Administration strictly limits any claims we might make. While we suggest people try the products for themselves, we can make no claims that the products are designed to treat, cure or prevent any recognized disease. We suggest you try Total Foot Repair and see if it helps with your issues.

We've had some great feedback from customers regarding such cosmetic issues, but they have not been clinically tested for this purpose and we make no claims.

Total Foot Repair is designed to penetrate thick skin issues while Ultimate Healing Cream carries more nutritive components.

It depends on the issue, but usually no. Thick and cracked skin usually doesn't require a lot of nutrients, but does require something that will penetrate built up dead and damaged layers of tissue. On the other hand, muscle and joint pain does require every bit of nutrition possible, so with issues like these, you'd more likely benefit from the extra nutrition in Ultimate Healing Cream.

Use it in small amounts, but use it as often as possible. For the issues Total Foot Repair has been designed to combat, users see greater benefit from multiple daily applications of Total Foot Repair than they do from any of our other products.