Ultimate Healing Cream is the product we recommend for most pain issues. The Food and Drug Administration, however, has strict regulations on claims regarding recognized illnesses so we want to make sure that we are in compliance by making it clear that our products are not designed to treat, cure or prevent any disease. We suggest you try Ultimate Healing Cream and see if it helps with your pain issues.

Ask your physician, but as long as you keep the product out of the open wound, we suggest using the product on the surrounding areas immediately.


Only you can tell for sure, but we recommend that you breathe deeply, drink water and apply small amounts of Ultimate Healing Cream to the back of the neck, forehead and temples.

The Food and Drug Administration does not evaluate drugĀ­free products therefore we cannot claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. However, the root cause of pain is often a lack of nutrition in the affected area, so we recommend Ultimate Healing Cream should be used frequently, in small amounts.

Yes, taking a bath with a liberal amount of Ultimate Healing Cream added to the warm water is a guilty pleasure, indeed. The products are oil-based so they won't mix with the water, but will be attracted to your oil-based skin. A bath is a wonderful way to spread the product out in small amounts over your whole body while reaching hard to get to areas. Just make sure to clean the bathtub afterwards and be extra careful getting in and out as the oil may make the tub slippery.