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Meet Our Team

Life is an adventure, meant to be lived. Our adventure is filled with a group of awesome, brilliant, and talented people (and animals)! Our leadership team is supported by the ever-amazing Bert, Ricki, David, Karen, Shawn, Kissy, Deven, Riley, and founder Pat Sr. Together — and joined by our four-legged companions Daisy, MacArthur, Autzen, Bob, and Annie — the Naturulz’s family is working hard to help bring relief to millions worldwide.

Along with our family-team, we’re thankful to be joined by quality, hardworking, and diligent partners around the world. Whether they’re supporting us by helping us make a statement, or carrying our products in their stores locally, we’re very thankful for all of those who have joined our extended family!

Merrilyn Jovin


Seemingly unafraid of anything, Merrilyn loves to engage, to motivate and to encourage. Smart, independent and fiercely loyal, she never fails in finding the positive in any situation.

Patrick Jovin

VP Sales

Patrick loves people and invests time in developing relationships, but give him a moment and he will share his family’s story and the products that came about as a result.

Sean Jovin

VP Product Development

Sean is an expert at tearing apart a problem and producing a workable, functional solution, and he holds the line on quality control with a strong belief that the more he improves the little things, the easier the big things become.

Way of Life

‘NO JUNK’ is our philosophy. It is our history. It is the concept that inspired all of the NATURULZ products since day one. We keep our products Simple, Clean and Pure. No excuses. No compromises. Our products are made with love and compassion, Doing What Is Most Right!

We strive to enrich lives. At NATURULZ, we are a family, a tribe, a group of people who care about  each other, our friends, our community, and our world. Join us!

Contact Us


(541) 673-2188


Tropiceel Products Inc. – Naturulz
PO Box 940
Roseburg, OR 97470


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