Get Back In Control

If we were to rub garlic onto the soles of our feet, within minutes we would begin to taste its familiar flavor in our mouth and smell its pungent aroma on our breath. In many forms, the body takes in nutrition topically, just as it does through our normal, oral consumption.

In the proper form, as in how we've made Naturulz, the body's cells can use nourishment precisely where it's applied

.Nourishing the body in this direct manner has a built in advantage,... we go right to the problem site, right to where we are feeling pain or seeing or feeling signs of poor health, and we can give the body exactly what it needs without the chemicals that complicate our already over-burdened digestive and circulatory systems --- the same systems that are currently failing to provide us with optimal health.

Since the feedback we receive from pain and visible symptoms of ill health (such as dried, cracked skin) are often signs of improper nutritional balance, the application of Naturulz products can be a life changing event. With nutrition-based fuel provided to cells in areas damaged by injury and health problems, the body has the chance to start working again. No waxes, no water, no stearates, no emulsifiers, no synthetics, no fillers....

Much simpler. More natural.