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NO JUNK Philosophy

‘NO JUNK’ is our philosophy. It is our history. It is the concept that inspired all of the NATURULZ products since day one. We keep our products Simple, Clean and Pure. No excuses. No compromises. Our products are made with love and compassion, Doing What Is Most Right!

This is our mission statement: Enriching people’s lives with NO Junk products.

At Tropiceel, we are a family, a tribe and group of people who care about each other, our friends, our neighbors and our world. We follow the Golden Rule “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.” ‘NO JUNK’ to us, is more than a tagline, it is our lifestyle, it is what we believe. Our desire is that every person who uses our products has confidence in the integrity of the products and in our company.

Tropiceel Products Inc. is a family company.  We work together to do what is most right for ourselves and for others. We have a simple history, our products were created as a direct result of the serious health issues in the family. The search to find topical relief and pain products manufactured by pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and large commercial companies that worked without side effects was nearly impossible. Most of the products were filled with synthetics, fillers, alcohols, water, dyes, waxes, animal bi-products, petroleum, fragrances, emollients, stabilizers, masking agents, parabens, silicone, palate and stereates. The list of artificial ingredients and irritants was endless.

Through diligent research and testing NATURULZ products were developed with one thought in mind: simple, clean, pure and easy to use products that worked. NATURULZ products were created simply out of dire need for ‘NO JUNK’ products.

‘NO JUNK’ products support healthy life choices and a synthetic free lifestyle.

‘NO JUNK’ products are for anyone, young or old, with or without health issues so they can find relief and benefits to make their lives better.

‘NO JUNK’ products give confidence to mothers of small children, knowing the products are safe for simple things like bumps and bruises, rashes, bug bites and sunburn.

‘NO JUNK’ products are safe for families with young adults for relief from growing pains, body issues, athletic performance and injury recovery without drug enhancement.

‘NO JUNK’ products are for working men and women who live with: sore tired feet, stiff necks, shoulders, backs and daily stresses to their body’s day in and day out, fighting the fatigue of daily life.

‘NO JUNK’ products are for Senior citizens dealing with health and life issues that are slowly but surely catching up with them.

‘NO JUNK’ products are for concerned pet owners that want to love on their furry friends and give them products that provide healthy loving care.

‘NO JUNK’ products are designed with love, knowing that if a small child or a pet should by chance accidentally ingest the products, no harm will come.


We use absolutely NO synthetics, isolates, fillers, alcohols, water, dyes, fragrances, emollients, stabilizers, masking agents, parabens, silicone, palate, stereates, animal bi-products, petroleum, waxes and are BPA free.

‘NO JUNK’ means all of our products are carried in coconut oil. Coconut oil melts at 76° degrees. Coconut oil is one of the few oils on the planet that is naturally closest to our skin’s oils. It is a medium chain oil that the body understands and is the perfect carrier for herbs and raw, whole food nutrients. It is not greasy, unless the user simply puts too much on any one area. We choose hand selected, in most cases organic herbs and raw, whole food nutrients. We extract and express the raw herbs and nutrients for the vital nutritional benefits that make our products unique.

‘NO JUNK’ means our products will MELT at 76°. We allow the natural elements of coconut oil and the herbs to benefit the body. We do not change the benefits of coconut oil by adding synthetics or stabilizers to maintain the appearance of the products, which means in cold climates it will be solid and in warm climates it will liquefy or arrive as a liquid.


Our ‘NO JUNK’ products began with our NATURULZ CLASSIC Products:

Ultimate Healing Cream – The First ‘NO JUNK’ pain relief product for back, shoulders, knees, hips and injury relief;

Total Foot Repair – The First ‘NO JUNK’ Foot Care product for poor circulation, sore, tired, overworked feet and diabetics’ issues;

Total Body Wellness – For all skin related issues for young and old alike. Such as dry, itchy, sunburns, chafing, rashes and irritated skin. It is designed to help you live healthy in your skin, because you are covered with it!

The NATURULZ Classic ‘NO JUNK’ products do not contain any hemp, CBD, CBG, or THC.

NATURULZ Classic ‘NO JUNK’ products are lifestyle products and are suggested for everyday use both morning and night, though they may be applied as often as necessary as there are no adverse effects for doing so. Our products offer targeted nutrition designed to help the user regain strength, energy, mobility, health and wellness.



Our ‘NO JUNK’ – UGLI Butter products: UGLI Butter CBD (day) UGLI Butter CBD (night) and UGLI Butter CBG (pulse) all use only Oregon Grown and tested Industrial Hemp. We use no CBD isolates and there is no THC in any of our products. We use the whole plant to create full spectrum CBD and CBG products. The benefits to hemp are just now being understood.

As humans we have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that allows the body to understand the harmony and balance of the foods and plants that we eat and utilize on our bodies. Our ECS serves as a master regulator for messages throughout the body that are critical for health and well being. Your ECS regulates many of the key aspects of your physical, mental and emotional health. By using CBD and CBG the ECS receptors are triggered to assist the body in dealing with many of the common issues that plague our lives: energy, appetite, emotions, pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety and sleep. Topical use allows the body to get exactly what it needs exactly where it needs it.

‘NO JUNK’ UGLI Butter CBD (day) and UGLI Butter CBD (night) are designed to support and work with each other by dividing our 24 hour clock in half. Using them in conjunction with one another will give the body a cellular memory and reserve that helps manage daily stress and anxiety on a more consistent basis.

‘NO JUNK’ UGLI Butter CBD (day) is formulated to help with the daytime alert active brain and body, by reducing effects of daily stress. The herbs that are selected and blended with the hemp, enhance the effect of CBD to promote body calm and give a memory to the cells for anxiety and stress reduction for daily relief.

Helpful Hint: One should apply the product to key areas where the body holds stress such as the face, neck, shoulders, back, knees and bottom of the feet. It may also be used with the NATURULZ Classic Products Total Foot Repair and Total Body Wellness.

‘NO JUNK’ UGLI Butter CBD (night) is designed to help with after daily work and activity, when you need your body and mind to relax, rest and sleep. This formula is designed to allow the body to relax and take the stress down from the day. The herbs that are selected for nighttime are completely different from that of the daytime formula.

Helpful Hint: Apply the product 30 min prior to bedtime, this allows your body to start to relax before bedtime. One should apply the product to the key areas where the body holds stress such as the face, neck, shoulders, back, knees and especially the bottom of the feet.

Note: If one suffers from restless legs or is awakened in the middle of the night, re-apply a light application to assist in getting back to sleep. It may also be used with the NATURULZ Classic products such as Total Foot Repair and Ultimate Healing Cream.

‘NO JUNK’ UGLI Butter CBG (pulse): CBG (cannabigerol) is commonly known as “the mother of all cannabinoids”. CBG comes unprogrammed, offering greater bioavailability to the endocannabioid system. CBG assists the cells throughout the body and has the potential to balance and improve metabolic energy production. CBG has the potential to enhance proper cellular function of the body’s hormones, thyroid, glands and lymph in soft tissue areas, assisting in generating greater cellular energy and relief from fatigue.

Helpful Hint: Best to apply before any type of activity day or night. May be reapplied if activity is strenuous or repetitious. Apply the product to key areas such as the neck, shoulders, armpits, hips, groin, legs, knees and any overworked area of the body. It may be used with any of the NATURULZ Classic and/or NATURULZ UGLI Butter CBD products.

CBG is 100% THC FREE, as the hemp is harvested prior to any potential development of THC in the plants.

At Tropiceel Products, Inc., we feel confident in recommending any of our NATURULZ ‘NO JUNK’ products to anyone with stress, pain, fatigue or health issues and concerns.

However, the Food and Drug Administration does not have a classification for drug free efficacy against recognized illnesses or health conditions so we can make absolutely no claims and the products are not designed to treat, cure or prevent any illness, condition or disease.

All of our NATURULZ ‘NO JUNK’ products are made with love and compassion. Please enjoy and use our products in good health. We want to invite you to be part of our family, our tribe of concerned people who strive to live a ‘NO JUNK’ lifestyle and want products that give them the healthy lifestyle they deserve. If you have any questions please reach out to us, we are here to help.

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