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Steve G.
Steve G.
Delivered promptly and well packaged. Excellent product.
jennifer honea
jennifer honea
Great stuff!!!
Dan McCool
Dan McCool
Have used for a year, and it works great!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
Me gustó mucho!!! Recibí muchas de los demás productos y haré otra compra para mi abuela
Primavera Gardener
Primavera Gardener
I use this all the time, as I live in a dry climate, and have cats - lol. It works well for scrapes, scratches, general dryness, and I use it every day. Highly recommended.
I have used this product before. I had knee surgery a year ago and was having difficulty with it healing. My sister inlaw used this product for her knee surgery and gave me a bottle of this product to use. I feel it has help me immensely with the healing process. This is why I ordered another bottle of this to use. I will continue to use it for some time.
Marianne Becker
Marianne Becker
I have some serious back issues with nerve pain. I rub this product in at night and get a good nights sleep. Works pretty good
Delivery was fine. It came very soon after I ordered it!
I love this stuff. Works fantastic
Monica Nance
Monica Nance
This cream really does work. I have had much success with my joints feeling so much better. So glad that I purchased.
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What’s Inside


NO Junk!

100% all natural ingredients. Learn more.


NO Synthetics!

No waxes, water, dyes, fragrance, fillers, alcohol, stabilizers, stereates or petroleum.


ALL Natural

Made for all skin. Pet & infant safe.


ALL Simple

Easy to use, apply on clean skin. For best results, use after shower or baths.

ABCs of H-E-M-P

Promotes wellness throughout the body.

Improves metabolic energy production.

Enhances cellular function

Is harmless to the body.

Causes you to get high


CBD (CANNABIDIOL) is the second most prevalent active ingredient in cannabis and is derived directly from the hemp plant. CBG (CANNABIGEROL) is commonly known as the “mother of all cannabinoids” and assists the cells throughout the body and the brain in performing properly. Both CBD and CBG have multiple industrial and health uses but have vastly different characteristics.

CBG helps cells throughout the body to improve and balance metabolic energy while working in concert with the body’s *ECS to help with thyroid function and brain performance.

CBD activates the adenosine receptor that reduces stress and anxiety. The vanilloid receptor is activated to reduce the effects of inflammation and the serotonin receptor function is activated which helps with depression, blood sugar and nausea.

naturulz Hemp

Our CBG is obtained from Oregon grown, Industrial Hemp. CBG is the precursor cannabinoid available in quantity only found in the early stages of growth before ripening into adult cannabinoids such as CBD.

There are NO traceable amounts of THC in any of the UGLI Butter CBD and UGLI Butter CBG products. You can find the test results under Compliance Information.


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