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‘NO JUNK’ is our philosophy. It is our history. It is the concept that inspired all of the NATURULZ products since day one. We keep our products Simple, Clean and Pure. No excuses. No compromises. Our products are made with love and compassion, Doing What Is Most Right!

We strive to enrich lives. At NATURULZ, we are a family, a tribe, a group of people who care about  each other, our friends, our community, and our world. Join us!

Frequently Asked Questions

How should we store NATURULZ products?

Our cream-based products are made from pure, natural ingredients and without any synthetics, alcohols, petroleum, isolates, fillers, waxes, water, fragrance, dyes, emollients or stabilizers. Because of this, once the temperature hits 76° degrees, they maybe begin to melt and liquefy. This does not affect the efficacy of the product in anyway.

While it is not necessary to store the product in refrigerators, that is an option for extremely hot climates. Because coconut oil is our carrier oil and when refrigerated the products become very hard, you will then need to allow them to melt in your hand, prior to application. We suggest storing in the bathroom or shower.

How are NATURULZ products made?

We are a family owned and operated company in Roseburg, Oregon, USA. Our products are 100% American made, that includes our jars, labels and ingredients. We strive to support local farmers, suppliers and manufactures. We stand behind our products 100% and will do all we can to help others find health and wellness with our ‘NO JUNK’ products.

We NEVER test on animals, but we have had hundreds of our customers share with us great results from using them on their pets and working animals.

What does 'NO JUNK' really mean?

All of our products are coconut oil based blended with whole-food and carefully selected raw herbs. NATURULZ products do not contain any synthetics, isolates, petroleum, waxes, alcohols, fillers, water, fragrance, dyes, emollients, petroleum, animal bi-products or stabilizers. We do not believe anyone should have to sacrifice their health in order to find relief and recovery.

Can I use the products while pregnant or breastfeeding?

NATURULZ products are all ‘NO JUNK’. We are confident in recommending any of our NATURULZ products to anyone with health concerns as our products do not contain any synthetics, isolates, alcohols, fillers, water, fragrance, dyes, emollients or stabilizers.

Product Tip: We hear wonderful results from customers using Total Body Wellness for stretched or itchy skin, and raves about Total Foot Repair, for sore, swollen feet and Ultimate Healing Cream for sore back relief. Many of the are common ailments during pregnancy.

*The Food and Drug Administration does not have a classification for drug free efficacy against recognized illnesses or health conditions so we can make absolutely no claims and the products are not designed to treat, cure or prevent any illness, disease or condition. If you feel concerned you might want to take the list of ingredients to your doctor.

Are NATURULZ products safe to use on all areas to the body?

Our products can be put anywhere on the body with skin. However, we do not recommend use directly on an open wound or incision. They are formulated to meet the body’s issues, they can be successfully used anywhere.

Example: Total Body Wellness is primarily for skin, though when used on sore muscles or restless legs it gives the body what it needs exactly where it needs it. Many customers have shared they find special uses for our products that fit their bodies specific needs. Each of the NATURULZ products is unique so “Put It Where It Hurts” and share your results with us.

Can I ingest the product?

No, that is not recommended. Our products are designed for topical use only.

However, if a small child or an animal ingests any of the products, they should feel no adverse effects and medical attention is not necessary. We feel confident in recommending any of our NATURULZ products to anyone with health issues and concerns as our products do not contain any synthetics, isolates, petroleum, waxes, alcohols, fillers, water, fragrance, dyes, emollients or stabilizers.

Are NATURULZ products safe for Diabetic issues?

Yes, they are great relief products for many of the issues that plague those who suffer with diabetic issues. Our products have a zero glycemic index. For more chronic issues, we recommend a more therapeutic use of the products to meet your needs rather than a simple once or twice a day application. Total Foot Repair is the number one product in the NATURULZ line specific for feet and diabetic issues.

How much CBD do I get from hemp-based products?

This varies due to the size and weight of the body and the amount of product applied to the body. The skin is the largest organ of the body and using NATURULZ coconut oil based CBD and CBG products is an ingenious way to absorb exactly what your body needs exactly where it needs it. Based on sheer body mass, a larger person will use and absorb more product than a smaller person.

Helpful Tip: To get greater benefit and results, begin by using CBG (pulse), CBD (day) and CBD (night) on a split 24 hour clock. Use CBG (pulse) and CBD (day) during the 12 hour clock cycle where activity and routine occur and use CBD (night) during the 12 hour clock cycle where relaxation and rest are desired, this will enhance the benefits of the products. Also, using a wider broadcast application method vs using the product on a single area or issue will increase the overall effectiveness.

You can find more information and our product test results under Compliance Information.



Meet Our Team

Seemingly unafraid of anything, Merrilyn loves to engage, to motivate and to encourage. Smart, independent and fiercely loyal, she never fails in finding the positive in any situation.
VP Sales
Patrick loves people and invests time in developing relationships, but give him a moment and he will share his family’s story and the products that came about as a result.
VP Product Development
Sean is an expert at tearing apart a problem and producing a workable, functional solution, and he holds the line on quality control with a strong belief that the more he improves the little things, the easier the big things become.

Life is an adventure, meant to be lived. Our adventure is filled with a group of awesome, brilliant, and talented people (and animals)! Our leadership team is supported by the ever-amazing Bert, Ricki, David, Karen, Shawn, Kissy, Deven, Riley, and founder Pat Sr. Together — and joined by our four-legged companions Daisy, MacArthur, Autzen, Bob, and Annie — the Naturulz’s family is working hard to help bring relief to millions worldwide.

Along with our family-team, we’re thankful to be joined by quality, hardworking, and diligent partners around the world. Whether they’re supporting us by helping us make a statement, or carrying our products in their stores locally, we’re very thankful for all of those who have joined our extended family!

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