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Choose Any Two (2) UGLI Teas


Can’t decide which Ugli Tea you think is the most flavorful?
Well, now you can Bundle and save when you pick any two of your favorite Ugli Teas!

Choose any two of:


Ugli Tea Blood sugar is designed to:
•Improve insulin/blood sugar levels
•Aid after meal digestion
•Improve gut and kidney health
•Reduce inflammation in the digestive tract

Ugli Tea Mood is designed to:
•Improve focus, clarity and mental performance
•Boost mood, reduce stress, tension and anxiety
•Be a caffeine-free energy alternative

Ugli Tea Calm mint is designed to:
•Calm an upset stomach, help with indigestion
•Improve inflammatory bowel conditions
•Reduce stress, anxiety, and tension

Ugli Tea Night cap is designed to:
•Promote a healthy sleep cycle
•Reduce tension, anxiety and restlessness to help you unwind naturally
•Restore energy and mental clarity through improved sleep